We work to help you maintain your optimal health and wellness.

FAVOR’s Mission

Favor Health Care Services aims to establish a first-class home health care service that will ensure that all our clients/customers are given first-class treatment at all times. We want to become one of the leaders in the home health care services industry in Atlanta, Georgia.

FAVOR’s Vision

Our vision is to become the number one choice when it comes to providing home health care services throughout the state of Georgia. We also strive to be among the top 20 home health care service providers in the United States of America within the next 10 years.

Health care is a basic human need that we must prioritize. In fact, many countries have invested tremendous amounts in public health care. In today’s world, good health has become a necessity to perform essential everyday responsibilities. As such, Favor Health Care Services commits to providing quality health care to our clients and those who may need our services.

Our agency maintains a team of sought-after healthcare professionals who value not only the well-being of our patients, but also their genuine happiness and satisfaction. Our holistic approach to health care has painted numerous smiles across our array of care services. And it is our pleasure to continue delivering unrivaled patient care with the utmost compassion, dedication, and integrity.

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